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Ute Strothotte

Ute Strothotte creates her entire jewelry collection 100% by hand at her workshop in Braunfels. She’s assisted by a small team of experienced goldsmiths.

Her preferred materials are gold, platinum, palladium, silver, diamonds and all types of precious stones.

Her creations manifest the fascination she feels for the play of light, innovative surface textures and the ongoing quest for new ways to build volumes. Intuiting is followed by giving shape: the materials are never forced, but always sensitively accompanied in their (sometimes surprising) behaviors.

The visible results: unconventionally high-quality design, elegance, harmony, uniqueness – one of a kind or in series.

Ute Strothotte won the Red Dot Award for the outstandingly high-quality design of the precious metal chains in her “Series 19” (type 19 F and 19 H). Among other reasons, the Red Dot is conferred in recognition of a high degree of innovation, formal quality, ergonomics, and symbolic and emotional content in the creations.

Flat, round, basic elements made of gold, platinum or silver are interconnected solely by folding and inserting to create fully sculptural and extremely fluent chains.