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Ute Strothotte

Ute Strothotte simultaneously designs two collections: serially produced jewelry and one-of-a-kind jewelry. The common denominators between the two far outweigh their differences.

Both serial jewelry and unique pieces are entirely handcrafted. This means: each item in a series is also unique and differs in fine nuances from the other pieces in its series – each results from an individual goldsmith’s personal artistry. The basic elements of the design are identical too: the motive force is the fascination evoked by light and color, special surfaces and volumes.

The goldsmith’s three preferred ways of generating volume are accordingly found in both the serial jewelry and the one-of-a-kind pieces: bulging, wrapping in layers and folding from the plane, as is evident in the precious metal chains that won the Red Dot Award.
The same is true for unconventional surface textures. For example, Ute Strothotte transferred to serial manufacturing the technique of soldering slender gold wires onto silver, which she had first used in unique pieces. She transformed her idea into tangible reality by developing an innovative method in close collaboration with the C. Haffner metal refinery. This led to the birth of the current “Cyrion” jewelry series.

Serial jewelry differs from unique pieces through the use of precious stones, which Ute Strothotte chooses not to include in her serially manufactured items. Accents created by rows of diamonds add elegance and depth to the banded pieces.

By contrast, colored gemstones play the central role in her one-of-a-kind pieces: they are the point of departure for her unique creations. This goldsmith’s entire oeuvre bears witness to her interest in gemstone varieties with unusual crystalline structures, interesting color combinations (including mixed hues) and fascinating effects caused by different degrees of translucence.